Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get pre-approved?

Once we receive your signed credit application, we can have idea as to what our options are within an hour or so. We can have answers from lenders in 24 hours or less!

What Kind of Equipment Do you Finance?

We finance a wide variety of commercial equipment. From Sleeper trucks, to day cabs, medium duty, trailers, and construction equipment. If it can make your business money, chances are we can get it financed for you! We also have options for pre-emission and pre-ELD trucks.

What is the average down payment amount on a loan?

The industry standard is typically 20%, however depending upon credit, type of truck, and time in business, we have options with as low as 10% and zero down.

What Credit Bureaus do you pull?

We pull Experian, and that is the most common. There are a few lenders that work exclusively with TransUnion. Equifax is not very common on the commercial side.

What are the requirements to finalize a loan?

Proof of down payment, Insurance Certificate, Voided Check, and CDL/DL Copy are among the most common items needed to finalize a loan. Some lenders may request additional items such as Social Security Card, Bank Statements, and Tax Returns.

How does KC Financial protect my personal information?

KC Financial is fully insured and works directly with Docusign and Experian to provide the most secure service. We do not send out your personal information without prior consent.

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